Stephanie Sylvestre

Chief Information Officer

The Children's Trust

Since 2014, Stephanie has served as Chief Operations Officer, Chief Programs Officer and Chief Information Officer for The Children’s Trust, Miami-Dade County voters approved dedicated funding source. Today Stephanie manages The Children’s Trust’s $100 million portfolio which produces widely-acclaimed results.

When Stephanie was recruited by The Children’s Trust, it was a hodgepodge of independently operating agencies. Stephanie initiated Project RESET which built powerful relationships between the 87 staff members of The Children’s Trust and 2,400 staff members of the 130 funded agencies. She successfully launched 3 non-traditional initiatives: 1 Capacity building-helping funded organizations be better at what they do. 2 Collaboration-aligning and pooling the talents, resources and decision-making abilities of funded agencies. 3 Innovation-sourcing new ways of addressing child care, healthcare, after-school, disability, access to health insurance and summer camp programs. Stephanie transformed The Trust’s IT to a self-diagnosing, self-healing infrastructure which facilitated solutions and reduced costs.

Previously, in the private sector, Stephanie was an IT Leader at IPC, an independent SUBWAY franchisee-owned and operated purchasing cooperative. Within 90-days her customer service team produced a 50% reduction in call handling time. Stephanie also co-led the team that created a customized credit and gift card processing solution which yielded a net savings of $19 million a year. Stephanie’s culture transformation created high performance teams that delivered near-zero-defect software in sensitive time frames. 

At Burger King Corporation, Stephanie launched an entrepreneurial training program to ensure that new franchisees had the skills they needed to run their BK franchises successfully.

Stephanie holds degrees from the University of Southern California & University of Miami, in International Studies and Developmental Economics.